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Almassa’s aim to validate that our agents get the most suitable and compatible services:

It is our distinctive feature that Almassa is such a munificent commercial company that pledges to make available due assistance to the hotel management team and confirm that all the hotels are in the position of offering the most excellent and quality assured services. The hotel rooms or accommodation options offered by us are comfortable and deluxe as we want to serve our travel agents with nothing but the finest. The travel agents that use our accommodation services always get the greatest reviews. Besides accommodation, we also cover the transfer needs of the tourists and present the most competent facilities. We also give the excursion services so that our precious travel agents can extend their services to their clients. We are conscious of the fact that nowadays travel agents are also looking for the visa support too so that they can provide an absolute package. Almassa is the compatible company for getting the visa support services as we are accepted by the Saudi government and Ministry of Hajj.


How we began our journey:

Almassa is entrenched with the passion of delivering world-class amenities to all the travel agents who intend to give the most excellent quality services and facilities to their consumers who plan to visit Saudi Arabia. We are the across-the-board market that offers factually all types of services to the travel agents from all around the world. The foundational idea of our company is to offer everything and all the services, in general, to travel agents that too in a smaller amount as compared to the market price. We want to make this experience of providing well-matched hajj or umrah packages and that is the actual reason we are providing all kinds of services and making bigger our services too. We provide the most extensive range of hotel rooms of the different luxury level. Almassa is a footstep taken as a shot to keep the tourism industry obstinate by providing every single kind of service to the clients. We are fully equipped to make sure that all our clients get each and every service once they get to the grounds of Saudi Arabia.


The Most active and Creative Team:

Almassa has the lineup of well active and productive people that use all their time in probing and creating ways through which we can help more and can keep on offering more and more services. We are the company that is also suggested by the Saudi government and ministry of Hajj and for this reason; we are able to convey further services that too with more proficiency. We deliver from every small to large service and make sure that the clients of our agents do not have to deal with even the tiniest of the thing as we are there to handle everything and to provide to their each and every want. It is undoubtedly because of our proficient services provided by our active and productive people that every day more and more agents are becoming part of our company with each passing day. A number of agents are going with us as we are the authorized company by the Ministry of Hajj and they consider us as the most suitable option.


Know Everything About Us:

Check Hotel Reviews So You Could Effortlessly Pick One For Yourself:

Definitely, nothing else could be as best for an agent as to be able to check the reviews of different hotels. Almassa is the company that contains the most recent soft-wares and technology and for this reason, provides an inclusive and entire review of hotels and these reviews prove to be very supportive for the agents who are looking for suggestions about what to choose. We offer a very expansive variety of hotels with more than 450+ options so that our agents can truly get the preferred options that they want. We make sure to offer every kind of service and assistance to our agents and do not leave even a minor thing. It is our main concern to make feel our customers comfortable by providing them what they actually need.

Our Essential Qualities:

Provision of the Best Quality Services

It is the first preference of Almassa to continue delivering the best quality services to the agents. It is certainly because of the most skilled team of the Almassa that our company has been able to accomplish the milestone of customer approval, as well as the provision of quality, assured services. We deem it’s not the end, in fact, it is the perpetual journey of accomplishing similar innumerable goals and keep on providing the top quality services to our agents living in different parts of the world.

Complete Handling of Everything in Saudi Arabia Premises:

We certainly do not falsely claim when we say that we provide all sorts of services from head to toe. In fact, we deal with everything in a real professional manner which means that we ensure that we are in the place of providing each and everything to the customers once they are in the premise of Saudi Arabia. It is certainly because of the efficient services that every other agent prefers us to work with.