Almassa is the corporate company that holds an extensive variety of services for the travel agents who are searching for services to plan the ideal hajj and Umrah packages. We are one commercial company from where you can get all types of facilities that too with varying level of luxuriousness. We consider our company as the great option for all the travel agents as we cover all the needs of our clients. We provide a broad range of necessities for hotel rooms and ensure that you get the finest accommodation options that you can use in fabricating your Hajj or umrah packages. We make sure that we also offer the excursions amenities so that the pilgrims also have the chance of seeing the blessed places of Makah and Madina. Getting the visa services in Saudi Arabia can be a little hard as it requires a company to be registered with the ministry of hajj and Almassa is the one authorized company by the ministry of hajj. Besides all these astounding and implausible services, we keep our services within cost-effective ranges too so that most of the agents from all over the world can contact us.


What Makes Us Amazing?

Our prudence and existence in providing Hajj and umrah deals made us figure out the fact that the tourism industry in Saudi Arabia is in that critical stage where it needs a company that has the aptitude and skill to work commercially and that also has the potential and capacity of delivering the best possible services and yet to keep those services in reasonable spectrum too. We are glad to say that we are the only company that delivers everything that a travel agent might need for the sake of designing umrah or hajj packages for their customers. We ensure to provide the service of such a quality that when an agent comes to us, he becomes our customer for the rest of his life and never looks back. We also believe that the conventional websites or systems are not adequate enough to satisfy the gigantic demand which is essentially the cause why we initiated such newest and brand new software. We wanted to ensure that our agents do not get to face even the smallest amount of trouble and get their preferred booking done within seconds. Our latest software helps our agents to get done with their bookings instantly. Our agents can now easily log in to their portals on our system and see the amazing deals. They can also check the reviews of different hotels. This system is essentially designed as an attempt to make it easier for the agents to book their preferred services. Being an expert in this field it is certainly our duty to cater to all the needs of our agents or customers and we certify that we do this properly. One thing that makes us different from all other mainstream companies is that we have the latest system that let our agents make instant bookings. Our company certainly provides matchless services. We also offer the excursion services so that our precious agents can also provide the tours to holy places. We make sure that our agents are in the situation of providing visa services as well and that is why we have made our company authorized by the ministry of Hajj as well. In other words it is actually our commitment and keenness with our word that makes us extraordinary for our respectable clients.

Our Objective:

Almassa is on its way to be the major commercial market that offers all sorts of services. It is our vision to ensure that every travel agent gets the most excellent services that too in inexpensive rates. We want to make this process of designing and offering umrah or hajj packages so much simple for travel agents that certifies that every travel agent gets to have the needed services for designing his umrah deals that too in affordable ranges. We want to be the leading corporate company in this field that caters to every single need of the consumers be it the biggest or smallest. We make it certain that we cater to all the facilities that a pilgrim might need so that the travel agents get to offer even more proficient packages. We provide the facilities of hotel accommodation, visa services that only an authorized company can provide and as well as the excursion services.

In Case Of Any Ambiguity or Query:

If you have any question or in case of any ambiguity about our services, feel free to contact us through our website via your login. Our website is in accordance with the latest software that makes it easier and faster for you to reach us.